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Table 5 Summary of the molecular relationships among hybrid lineages and identified parents

From: Implications of hybridisation and cytotypic differentiation in speciation assessed by AFLP and plastid haplotypes - a case study of Potentilla alpicola La Soie

Lineage Haplotype Total % of AFLP bands/Taxon Species-specific AFLP bands Geographic origin
P. alpicola 5x (a) W 93.04/P. pusilla 2/6 P. pusilla Pop86/Loc1
90.43/6x P. argentea   
50.43/2x P. argentea   
P. alpicola 6x (b) G 94.66/P. pusilla 2/6 P. pusilla Pop86/Loc1
87.79/6x P. argentea   Pop87/Loc1
51.91/2x P. argentea   Pop200/Loc5
P. alpicola 6x (c) F 92.03/P. pusilla 2/6 P. pusilla Pop86/Loc1
92.75/6x P. argentea 1/6 6x P. argentea Pop87/Loc1
47.83/2x P. argentea   
P. collina F, E 87.80/P. pusilla 5/6 6x P. argentea Pop95/Loc2
   90.85/6x P. argentea   Pop97/Loc3
   43.29/2x P. argentea