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Table 3 Main characteristics of the strains used in this study

From: A phylogenomic analysis of Escherichia coli / Shigella group: implications of genomic features associated with pathogenicity and ecological adaptation

Strain Phylogenetic group Pathotypea Genome size (Mb) Accession number (MicroScope)
Escherichia coli
K12 W3110 A Commensal 4.5 GBKW3110_AC_000091
HS A Commensal 4.5 EcHS_A NC_009800
ATCC8739 A Commensal 4.6 EcolC_NC_010468
K12 DH10B A Commensal 4.6 ECDH10B_NC_010473
K12 BW2952 A Commensal 4.5 BWG_NC_012759
BL21(DE3) A Commensal 4.5 ECBD_NC_012947
B REL606 A Commensal 4.5 ECB_NC_012967
K12 MG1655 A Commensal 4.5 U00096
E24377A B1 InPEc(ETEC) 4.9 EcE24377A_NC_009801
SE11 B1 Commensal 4.8 ECSE_NC_011415
IAI1 B1 Commensal 4.6 ECIAI1_EIAI1v2
55989 B1 InPEc(EAEC) 5 EC55989_EC55v2
O103:H2 12009 B1 InPEc(EHEC) 5.3 ECO103_NC_013353
O26:H11 11368 B1 InPEc(EHEC) 5.6 ECO26_NC_013361
O111:H- 11128 B1 InPEc(EHEC) 5.2 ECO111_NC_013364
CFT073 B2 ExPEc 5.1 c NC_004431
UTI89 B2 ExPEc 5 UTI89_C NC_007946
536 B2 ExPEc 4.8 ECP_NC_008253
APEC O1 B2 ExPEc 5 APECO1_NC_008563
O127:H6 E2348/69 B2 InPEc(EPEC) 4.9 E2348C_NC_011601
S88 B2 ExPEc 4.9 ECS88_ECOS88V2
ED1a B2 Commensal 5.1 ECED1_ED1av2
UMN026 D ExPEc 5.1 ECUMNv2_ESCUMv2
O157:H7 EDL933 E InPEc(EHEC) 5.4 Z NC_002655
O157:H7 Sakai E InPEc(EHEC) 5.4 Ecs NC_002695
O157:H7 EC4115 E InPEc(EHEC) 5.4 ECH74115_NC_011353
SMS-3-5 F Commensal 5 EcSMS35_NC_010498
IAI39 F ExPEc 5 ECIAI39_EIAI39v2
S. boydii 4 227 (Sb 227) S(S1) Shigellosis 4.4 SBO NC_007613
S. flexneri 2a 301 (Sf 301) S(S3) Shigellosis 4.5 SF NC_004337
S. flexneri 2a 2457 T (Sf 2457 T) S(S3) Shigellosis 4.5 S NC_004741
S. flexneri 5 8401 (Sf 8401) S(S3) Shigellosis 4.5 SFV_NC_008258
S. dysenteriae 1 197 (Sd 197) S(SD1) Shigellosis 4.3 SDY NC_007606
S. sonnei 046 (Ss 046) S(SS) Shigellosis 4.7 SSO_NC_007384
E. fergusonii ATCC 35496 Outgroup Commensal 4.5 EFER_EFERv2
S. enterica enterica LT2 Outgroup Pathogen 4.7 STM NC_003197
  1. aInPEc: Intraintestinal pathogenic E. coli, ExPEc: Extraintestinal pathogenic E. coli.
  2. ETEC: enterotoxigenic E. coli, EAEC: enteroaggregative E. coli, EHEC: enterohemorrhagic E. coli, EPEC: enteropathogenic E. coli.