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Figure 5

From: Limited, episodic diversification and contrasting phylogeography in a New Zealand cicada radiation

Figure 5

BEAST v 1.6.1 relaxed-clock chronogram (maximum clade compatibility tree, with mean node ages calculated), with outgroup taxon and branches pruned. Tree was constructed using the Amphipsalta-Notopsalta mtDNA COI dataset and calibrated using literature estimates of per lineage molecular clock rates in insects. Asterisks indicate major branches with > 90% posterior probability. Horizontal blue bars indicate 95% credible intervals on the mean divergence time estimates. Major haplotype groups are shown, by color, on the accompanying maps of the NZ landscape. Shading represents climatic deterioration during the Pleistocene, and the vertical dotted line represents accelerated uplift in northern NZ around 1 Ma.

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