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Table 1 Mating table for one preference/one trait model

From: The role of sexual preferences in intrasexual female competition

   x1 x2 x3 x4
Females x1 α x 1 x 1 Z x 1 x 2 Z α x 1 x 3 Z x 1 x 4 Z
  x2 α x 2 x 1 Z x 2 x 2 Z α x 2 x 3 Z x 2 x 4 Z
  x3 x3x1 x3x2 x3x3 x3x4
  x4 x4x1 x4x2 x4x3 x4x4
  Z = α(x1 + x3) + x2 + x4
  1. Females with the preference allele prefer males bearing a trait by a factor α. Matings are normalized by Z so that all female genotypes have equal mating success.