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Table 4 Summary of findings

From: Phenotypic plasticity in opsin expression in a butterfly compound eye complements sex role reversal

Experiment Groups compared p-value Pearson’s correlation coefficient (PCC) PCC result or group with greater mean, if significant
Unadjusted eye size M vs. F <0.001***   M
WS vs. DS <0.001***   WS
Forewing area M vs. F <0.001***   F
WS vs. DS <0.001***   DS
Adjusted eye size (corrected with forewing area) M vs. F <0.001***   M
WS vs. DS <0.001***   WS
Correlation between eye size and wing size WSM 0.001** r=0.658 Linear relationship
WSF 0.002** r=0.588 Linear relationship
DSM 0.149 r=0.253  
DSF 0.006** r=0.523 Linear relationship
Both sexes, both seasons <0.001*** r=−0.354 Linear relationship
Facet lens area M vs. F <0.001***   M
WS vs. DS 0.031*   DS
Facet number WSM 0.937 r=−0.031  
WSF 0.862 r=0.063  
DSM 0.472 r=−0.176  
DSF 0.536 r=0.223  
Both sexes, both seasons 0.250 r=0.169  
M vs. F <0.001***   M
WS vs. DS <0.001***   WS
UV opsin expression DSM vs. DSF 0.051   DSM (not significant)
WSM vs. WSF 0.111   
DSM vs. WSM 0.799   
DSF vs. WSF 0.010*   WSF
Blue opsin expression DSM vs. DSF 0.006**   DSM
WSM vs. WSF 0.333   
DSM vs. WSM 0.757   
DSF vs. WSF 0.007**   WSF
LW opsin expression DSM vs. DSF 0.005**   DSM
WSM vs. WSF 0.454   
DSM vs. WSM 0.329   
  DSF vs. WSF 0.007**   WSF
  1. † M, male; F, female; DS, dry season; WS, wet season; DSM, dry season male; WSM, wet season male; etc. ‡ Not significant, p>0.05; *, p < 0.05; **, p < 0.01; ***, p < 0.001.