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Figure 8

From: Diversification of the expanded teleost-specific toll-like receptor family in Atlantic cod, Gadus morhua

Figure 8

Codons under positive selection in Atlantic cod Tlr22 paralogues and their location within Tlr22b. A. Cumulative non-synonymous (green) and synonymous (red) substitutions for all pairwise comparisons between nine Atlantic cod tlr22 paralogues. The ratio of non-synonymous (dN) over synonymous (dS) substitution is greater in the LRR region than in the TIR domain. B. Multiple sequence alignment of cod Tlr22. Amino acid residues identical to Atlantic cod Tlr22b are represented by a dot and alignment gaps are indicated by a dash. LRR regions are shaded in grey and positively selected sites are boxed in red. The cysteine cluster within the LRRCT domain is marked in green. C. Predicted structure of Atlantic cod Tlr22b. LRR region with the positively selected sites highlighted in black. Their amino acid position is indicated by arrows.

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