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Figure 6 | BMC Evolutionary Biology

Figure 6

From: New approaches for unravelling reassortment pathways

Figure 6

Combined SPRs from MLreassort and Breassort.Each plot depicts an SPR move, with symbols indicating the cases when this move is significant. Circles represent results from the maximum likelihood-based approach, while crosses represent results from applying the algorithm based on a Bayesian framework. The x-axis shows the segments that propose the specified SPR, while the y-axis shows the segments whose trees need to be modified. The name of a tree segment is greyed out in the case where the SPR move is irrelevant, i.e. when the taxa involved in the move are sister-taxa. For example, moving hk1073 to group with hk1774 in the NA tree is irrelevant, as the NA tree already has these grouping together.

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