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Figure 2

From: Chromosomal diversification and karyotype evolution of diploids in the cytologically diverse genus Prospero(Hyacinthaceae)

Figure 2

Karyotypes and localization of 35S (green) and 5S (red) rDNA loci in diploids of Prospero . (A) P. obtusifolium; (B) P. hanburyi; (C–I) P. autumnale complex: (C) AA; (D) B7B7; (E) B7B7 with duplicated 5S rDNA locus in chromosome 1; (F) B5B5; (G) B6B6; (H) B6B6 with homozygous NOR translocation (NOR in pair of chromosome 6); (I) B6B6 with heterozygous NOR translocation (NOR in one of each chromosome 3 and 6). Insets in (A) and (G) show chromosomes of a single cell which were lying at some distance from the main chromosome group and either could not be photographed together using high magnification objectives or were too far apart to clearly demonstrate chromosome morphology while showing the whole field. Scale bar = 5 μm.

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