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Figure 1

From: The bee tree of life: a supermatrix approach to apoid phylogeny and biogeography

Figure 1

Previously published hypotheses for relationships among bee families. A. Andrena crataegi (Andrenidae) [photo credit: Phil Huntley-Franck], B. Habropoda tarsata (Apidae) [photo credit: Jelle Devalez], C. Hylaeoides concinna (Colletidae) [photo credit: Kristi Ellingsen], D. Halictus sp. (Halictidae) [photo credit: Nicolas Vereecken], E. Lithurgus chrysurus (Megachilidae) [photo credit: Nicolas Vereecken], F. Dasypoda hirtipes (Melittidae) [photo credit: Nicolas Vereecken], G. Ctenocolletes smaragdinus (Stenotritidae) [photo credit: Laurence Packer, York University: Bee Tribes of the World photographic project]. H-O. Alternative topologies for relationships among bee families, including the placement of the root.

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