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Archived Comments for: Endosymbiosis in trypanosomatids: the genomic cooperation between bacterium and host in the synthesis of essential amino acids is heavily influenced by multiple horizontal gene transfers

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  1. Error in enzyme name

    Joao Alves, University of São Paulo

    30 May 2014

    I have just noticed that we, somehow, had the wrong enzyme name for EC: in subsection "Methionine and cysteine" of "Results and discussion". The correct name, as present everywhere else in the paper, is "homoserine dehydrogenase" (and not "homocysteine methytransferase" as written). Not sure how that one slipped past us, since an EC number starting with 1 could never be a methyltransferase...

    Sorry for any inconvenience this switch might have caused.

    Competing interests

    I am one of the main authors of the work.