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Figure 6

From: Multilocus phylogeography of the common lizard Zootoca vivipara at the Ibero-Pyrenean suture zone reveals lowland barriers and high-elevation introgression

Figure 6

Introgression patterns in mtDNA and AFLP loci at two contact zones among Zootoca vivipara lineages: (A) North–south contact zone between Spain and France; and (B) East–west contact zone between eastern and central Pyrenees. Each plot is divided into an mtDNA block on top and an AFLP block below. Each vertical bar on these blocks corresponds to a single individual in the different sampling sites (abbreviated on the bottom row). For the mtDNA, colors correspond to clades in Figure 2A, and for the AFLP data each vertical bar corresponds to the percent assignment probability to genetic clusters on Figure 2B.

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