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Figure 3

From: Biogeography, phylogeny, and morphological evolution of central Texas cave and spring salamanders

Figure 3

Diversity of head morphology and pigmentation within the eastern Blepsimolge . Parallel patterns of morphological evolution are evident in the troglomorphic specimens from clades LT, N and BGP, although all labeled clades contain surface forms (i.e., having fully-developed eyes and dark pigmentation). Localities for individuals pictured are as follows: 1 Honey Creek Cave, 2 Cascade Caverns, 3 Camp Bullis Cave #3, 4 Cascade Caverns, 5 Bullis Bat Cave, 6 Golden Fawn Cave, 7 Preserve Cave, 8 CM Cave, 9 Preserve Cave, 10 Hoffman Ranch Estavelle, 11 Fern Bank Spring, 12 Jacob’s Well, 13 Hector Hole, 14 Lewis Valley Cave, 15 Sharon Spring, 16 Morales Spring, 17Taylor Springs.

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