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Figure 2

From: Chromosomal evolution among leaf-nosed nectarivorous bats – evidence from cross-species chromosome painting (Phyllostomidae, Chiroptera)

Figure 2

MCA homologous chromosomal regions mapped on G-banded karyotypes of nectarivorous phyllostomid bats: (a) GSO; (b) ACU; (c) LCO. * corresponds to conserved MCA chromosomes. In addition, homology to human chromosomes is indicated to the left of each GSO pair (data from [23] and unpublished results). The following segments were detected recently: GSO 3qp: HSA 13; GSO 8qi: HSA 4; GSO 9qp: HSA 8; GSO 13qt: HSA 19. The Y chromosome of ACU is derived from a different metaphase spread, and had its relative size corrected for the image. G-banding images of GSO modified from Volleth et al. [23], Figure 1a, p. 59, with kind permission of Springer Science and Business Media.

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