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Figure 4

From: Chromosomal evolution among leaf-nosed nectarivorous bats – evidence from cross-species chromosome painting (Phyllostomidae, Chiroptera)

Figure 4

Mapping of shared chromosomal rearrangements among the nectar feeders on the molecular phylogeny of Phyllostomidae. The rearrangements were inferred using MCA karyotype as outgroup and are depicted in terms of MCA chromosome numbers. When a rearrangement was present in all three nectar-feeding species analyzed, it was plotted at the node corresponding to their most recent common ancestor. The rearrangements shared by ACU and GSO were plotted on the common ancestor of all glossophagines, whereas the rearrangements shared between ACU and LCO not found in GSO were mapped at terminal nodes. GSO presents MCA 4, 16, and 19 as individual chromosomes (similar condition as in MCA). In the case of chromosomes 13, 17 and 18, an acrocentric condition as in MCA was assumed for the last common ancestor of the nectar feeders to deduce the chromosomal rearrangements. The phylogenetic relationships are based on the previous published tree of Baker et al. [9]. For simplicity, we have omitted the sister genera for GSO and LCO.

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