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Figure 3 | BMC Evolutionary Biology

Figure 3

From: Hippo pathway genes developed varied exon numbers and coevolved functional domains in metazoans for species specific growth control

Figure 3

Genomic structure and functional domains of dachsous (A) and fat (B) in metazoans. Exons are indicated as green boxes and functional domains are shown in other colors. In (A, B), extracellular cadherin repeats (EC repeats) are shown in red, classic cadherin domains (cadherin_C) are shown in blue, and the transmembrane region is shown in black. Letters in (A) indicate: A—VSP domain, B—IPT domain, C—REJ domain, D—MYND domain, E—DUF566 domain, F—PROTOCADHERIN domain (A to D are only in A. queenslandica). Colors in (B) indicate: pink—LamG domain, yellow—EGF domain.

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