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Figure 3

From: A Southern Hemisphere origin for campanulid angiosperms, with traces of the break-up of Gondwana

Figure 3

Possible vicariance events (orange branches) showing both temporal and biogeographic congruence with the breakup of Gondwana. (A) Within Bruniales, the divergence between South American Columelliaceae (Columellia, Desfontainia) and South African Bruniaceae (Brunia, Berzelia) overlaps the timeframe (light blue rectangle) for the separation of Africa (orange) and South America (green). (B) The divergence between the Australasian Goodeniaceae and the originally South American Calyceraceae + Asteraceae overlap the timeframe (light blue rectangle) for the separation of South America (green) and Australasia (dark blue) from Antarctica during the Early Paleogene.

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