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Table 2 4DTv distance between paralogous genes

From: Delineation of plant caleosin residues critical for functional divergence, positive selection and coevolution

Species Gene pairs D4DTvvalue
Brachypodium distachyon BdClo4 BdClo5 0.399
Brachypodium distachyon BdClo6 BdClo7 0.414
Sorghum bicolor SbClo1 SbClo2 0.206
Sorghum bicolor SbClo7 SbClo8 0.072
Oryza sativa OsClo1 OsClo2 0.229
Oryza sativa OsClo6 OsClo7 0.039
Arabidopsis thalina AtClo8 AtClo7 0.235
Arabidopsis thalina AtClo4 AtClo5 0.138
Glycine max GmClo2 GmClo3 0.189