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Figure 4

From: Large-scale mitochondrial DNA analysis in Southeast Asia reveals evolutionary effects of cultural isolation in the multi-ethnic population of Myanmar

Figure 4

Comparison of the Bamar and the Karen people, two main ethnic groups in Myanmar. Pairwise mismatch distribution (MMD) plots (Figure 4, upper panel) indicated different demographic histories with signs of a strong and recent demographic expansion for the Bamar (orange), and evidence of a demographic equilibrium for the Karen people(red). The proportions of individual haplogroups of the two populations are depicted as bar charts next to the MMD-plots, with identical colors corresponding to identical haplogroups. In the lower panel, pairwise Fst-values of Bamar and Karen in comparison with four other Southeast Asian populations were visualized as multi-dimensional scaling (MDS) plot (Stress = 0.032; R2 = 0.995).

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