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Figure 13

From: Consuming viscous prey: a novel protein-secreting delivery system in neotropical snail-eating snakes

Figure 13

Head muscles and glands of Dipsadinae. Lateral view of the head of Chersodromus liebmanni (USNM 109932) (A), Enulius flavitorques (KU 174188) (B), and Ninia atrata (AMNH 59426) (C), showing the location of infralabial gland (il) with respect to the head muscles and mandible. Abbreviations: aes, muscle adductor mandibulae externus superficialis; aem2, muscle adductor mandibulae externus medialis; aep, muscle adductor mandibulae externus profundus; ap.aes, aponeurose of muscle adductor mandibulae externus superficialis; Hg, harderian gland; ipp, muscle intermandibularis posterior pars posterior; lao, muscle levator anguli oris; n, nasal gland; pm, premaxillary gland; sl, supralabial gland; sr, superior rictal gland. Scale bar in all pictures = 5 mm.

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