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Figure 3

From: Consuming viscous prey: a novel protein-secreting delivery system in neotropical snail-eating snakes

Figure 3

Infralabial glands in Dipsadini. Lateral view of the head of Sibynomorphus turgidus (IBSP 46431) (A). Labial (B) and lingual (C) sides of il1 and il2 and associated buccal tissues after removal from the specimen. Abbreviations: du, ducts; d-il1, ducts of lateral, mucous infralabial gland; d-il2, duct of ventrolateral, seromucous infralabial gland; il1, lateral, mucous infralabial gland; il2, ventrolateral, seromucous infralabial gland; fm, floor of the mouth. Arrow points to the opening of the duct of il2 (d-il2, mandibular duct). Scale bar in all pictures = 1.25 mm.

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