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Figure 1

From: The rise of army ants and their relatives: diversification of specialized predatory doryline ants

Figure 1

Summary of phylogenetic results for the dorylines based on analyses of the 83 taxon data set. The majority rule consensus of all post burnin trees from a Bayesian analysis of the full data set under standard nucleotide coding. The colored boxes above branches denote support values. The top row of each box indicates Bayesian posterior support values, expressed as percentages; the bottom row indicates maximum likelihood (ML) bootstrap values. The columns, from left to right, indicate (i) standard nucleotide coding; (ii) RY-coding of all third codon positions; (iii) exclusion of all third codon positions; (iv) BEAST posterior values under standard coding (top cell), or ML bootstrap values under a codon model (bottom cell). For each cell, white = 0–49, grey = 50–74, blue = 75–94, red = 95–100 (see key).

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