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Table 10 Plant-specific clusters

From: Coiled-coil protein composition of 22 proteomes – differences and common themes in subcellular infrastructure and traffic control

Cluster size
(# of sequences)
Max. edge
protein family putative function/site of action organism
21 1.2E-7 Kinase-interacting protein 1-like signal transduction A.t., O.s.
13 7.6E-12 expressed proteins unknown A.t., O.s.
12 2.4E-9 FPPs unknown A.t., O.s.
11 2.9E-7 putative receptor kinases signal transduction A.t., O.s.
10 5.9E-18 Transcription factor X1-like proteins transcription A.t., O.s.
  1. Numbers include "bridge" sequences qualifying for more than one cluster. Only clusters represented by at least 10 sequences are listed. See Table S17 for protein details on clusters smaller than 10. FPPs, filament-like plant proteins [94]. For species name abbreviations, see Table 1.