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Figure 4

From: Phylogenetic identification of lateral genetic transfer events

Figure 4

Successful recovery of edit paths by LatTrans, HorizStory, and EEEP. The percentage of edit paths recovered from random trees of several different sizes are shown for LatTrans (filled circles) and HorizStory (filled diamonds), and for several different types of EEEP run ('standard' run with time constraints, partitioning and no ratchet – filled triangles; strict test tree ratchet – filled squares; permissive test tree ratchet – open squares; time unconstrained runs – open triangles with long dashed line; unpartitioned runs – open triangles with short dashed line). Open triangles connected by a solid line indicate the percentage of cases where at least one EEEP run was able to recover an edit path. Reference tree ratchets are not shown because the difference in edit path recovery between reference tree and test tree ratchets was never greater than 5%. The runs summarized in this figure were all limited to a maximum of 4 gigabytes of RAM and 5 hours of running time (see manuscript for details).

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