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Figure 6

From: The distribution and evolutionary history of the PRP8 intein

Figure 6

Phylogenetic trees based on alignments of the homing endonuclease domains. Phylogenetic trees based on alignments of the whole homing endonuclease from:A. PRP8 full-length inteins. B. VMA inteins. Asterisks denote the VMA intein homing endonucleases known to be active [9]. The trees were constructed by the neighbour-joining method using PAUP* [61] and each represents a consensus derived from 100 bootstrap replicates. The numbers indicate the percentage bootstrap support (only nodes with >50% support are shown). Accession numbers of the intein sequences are as in Figures 1 and 3 or can be obtained from InBase [62]. S. dairenensis and S. castellii are now included in the newly described genus Naumovia; S. exiguus and S. unisporus are now included in the genus Kazachstania [70].

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