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Figure 5

From: Pervasive survival of expressed mitochondrial rps14 pseudogenes in grasses and their relatives for 80 million years following three functional transfers to the nucleus

Figure 5

Southern blot hybridization indicating that Joinvillea and Carex mtDNAs contain only one copy of rps14. The probe used in both panels contains the entire (~280 bp) mitochondrial rps14 gene from Oryza. The A lanes contain single digests with the indicated restriction enzymes, each set of which does not cut within the mitochondrial rps14 pseudogene of Joinvillea or Carex, respectively. The B lanes are double digests with the indicated enzyme plus Hind III, which cuts each mitochondrial rps14 locus 70 bp from its 5' end, but which does not cut the putatively nuclear rps14 genes from Joinvillea and Carex.

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