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Figure 1

From: Tempo and mode of early gene loss in endosymbiotic bacteria from insects

Figure 1

Phylogenetic tree based on an alignment of 61 concatenated conserved protein-coding genes involved in translation. DNA sequences were aligned using a protein alignment from clustalw, and then trimmed with Gblocks and limited to the first two codon positions resulting in 19143 nucleotides. The tree was reconstructed with NHML version 3 (Galtier 1998). LCA = Last Common Ancestor; Numbers in bold at the nodes indicate the number of protein coding genes (CDS) present at these steps. Numbers below the branches indicates the number of lost CDS since the last node. In front of each endosymbiotic lineage were indicated the chromosome size, the number of CDS and that of pseudogenes (assimilated to gene losses).

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