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Table 1 Correlations coefficients (R) between Propensity of Gene Loss (PGL) and Codon Adaptive Index (CAI) or non-synonymous substitution rates (Ka). The analysis is restricted to the genes present in the LCA2 that have been lost at least one time during symbiosis (Figure 3). All coefficients are highly significant (non parametric correlation test of Spearman; P < 0.005). N: number of genes.

From: Tempo and mode of early gene loss in endosymbiotic bacteria from insects

  N R
CAI 1983 -0.435
   Eco-Ype 1363 0.355
   Eco-Stm 1949 0.248
   Wgl-Bfl 262 0.244
   BAp-BSg 516 0.147
   BAp-BBp 286 0.178
   BSg-BBp 308 0.209