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Table 2 Analysis of variance for sum of ovarioles from both ovaries (one generation removed from selection as described in Ovariole number section of the Methods or Results). Comparison of selected vs. control lines, using a one-way mixed model ANOVA, with line type (control or selected) as a fixed main effect and line nested within linetype as a random effect. Line (line type) refers to the five replicate lines in each line type. * =P ≤ 0.05; ** =P < 0.01; *** =P < 0.001

From: Environmental stress and reproduction in Drosophila melanogaster: starvation resistance, ovariole numbers and early age egg production

Source Df Estimated mean squares Variance component
Line type (selected vs. control lines) 1 1027.56* (fixed)
Line (line type) 8 133.17*** 5.28
Error 189 28.04 28.04