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Figure 1

From: Non-random clustering of stress-related genes during evolution of the S. cerevisiae genome

Figure 1

Chromosome maps of S. cerevisiae genes induced or repressed during 8h-28d nutrient depletion according to Gasch et al. (2000) [1] or induced by 20 hours of nutrient depletion according to Radonjic et al (2005). Vertical blue lines indicate the position of genes induced or repressed in these datasets. Pink rectangles indicate clusters of genes detected by Pyxis that are unlikely to have formed by chance (p ≤ 0.05). Roman numerals indicate chromosome number. Relatively gene-free gaps in clusters of starvation-repressed genes that coincide with the map positions of many starvation-induced genes and/or gene clusters are underlined in black. Relatively gene-free gaps in maps of starvation-induced genes that contain many starvation-repressed genes and/or gene clusters are underlined in green

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