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Figure 9

From: Evolution and expansion of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis PE and PPE multigene families and their association with the duplication of the ESAT-6 (esx) gene cluster regions

Figure 9

Sequence alignments of orthologues of Rv0442c (PPE10) present in M. ulcerans, M. marinum, M. tuberculosis, M. bovis, M. microti, M. avium paratuberculosis and M. avium. Complete sequence alignment with orthologues from the genomes of all available species, showing conserved N-terminal regions and absence of MPTR region after base pair 180 in the M. avium complex. C-terminal region of Rv0442c protein is indicated, showing intergenic DNA region and start of the 3' flanking protein Rv0441c, proving that absence of the MPTR region is not due to wrong annotation of sequenced genomes. Homologous regions of the N-terminal part of Rv0441c are shaded in grey.

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