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Figure 3

From: Nuclear and mitochondrial data reveal different evolutionary processes in the Lake Tanganyika cichlid genus Tropheus

Figure 3

AFLP tree. Neighbour-joining tree based on AFLP genotype distances. Bootstrap support of more than 50% is shown in black near the respective nodes. The long branch connecting the outgroup was truncated. Nodes examined by the homoplasy excess test (Fig. 4) are labelled in light-blue. The four well-supported AFLP clades are delineated on the right-hand side, and the coloured bars depict the assignment of the samples to (A) colour lineages [25] and (B) to the species classification suggested by Konings [24]. Same-coloured bar sections spanning paraphyletic clades are divided by thin black lines to indicate the inconsistency with the tree topology. The geographic distribution of the AFLP clades is shown in Fig. 1.

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