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Figure 4

From: Evolution of feeding specialization in Tanganyikan scale-eating cichlids: a molecular phylogenetic approach

Figure 4

Ancestral state reconstruction for the feeding habits (A) and the habitat depth and oral tooth shape (B) of nine species of Perissodini. A) Ancestral state of the feeding habits estimated using the maximum parsimony method is indicated on the tree. The coloured portion in each pie diagram corresponds to the calculated probability of the reconstruction of the respective feeding habit using the maximum likelihood method. The tree used for ancestral state estimation was inferred from AFLP data. Branch lengths are not to scale in this diagram. B) The habitat depth and oral tooth shape of each species are shown to the right. The teeth were photographed with a scanning electron microscope for Perissodus species, and a Keyence digital microscope for Haplotaxodon species. Bars in the photographs indicate 0.1 mm.

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