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Figure 3

From: Eurasian and African mitochondrial DNA influences in the Saudi Arabian population

Figure 3

Reduced median network relating (preHV)1 HVSI sequences. The central motif (star) differs from rCRS at positions 16126 and 16362 in HVI control region. Numbers along links refer to nucleotide positions minus 16000. Positions not used in diversity estimations are in italics. The broken lines are less probable links and/or recurrent mutations. Size of boxes is proportional to the number of individuals included. Codes are: ARA, Arab; BAL, Balkanian; BED, Bedouin; CAS, Caspian; CAU, Caucasus; DRZ, Druze; EGY, Egyptian; ETH, Ethiopian; EUR, European; IND, Indian; IP, Iberian Peninsula; IRK, Iraki; IRN, Iranian; JBA, Baltic Jew; JET, Ethiopian Jew; JEU, European Jew; JIP, Iberian Jew; JIR, Iraki Jew; JOR, Jordanian; JRN, Iranian Jew; JYE, Yemeni Jew; KEN, Kenian; KUR, Kurd; MAU, Mauritanian; MBE, Moroccan Berber; MOR, Moroccan; NUB, Nubian; PAK, Pakistani; PAL, Palestinian; SAH, Saharan; SEN, Senegalese; SOM, Somalian; SYR, Syrian; TUK, Turkish; TUN, Tunisian; and YEM, Yemeni.

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