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Table 3 Within organ allometry. Correlation coefficients between size and each one of the principal components (PC) scores accounting for shape variation in the aedeagus of D. koepferae, D. buzzatii and F1 hybrids.

From: Evolution of male genitalia: environmental and genetic factors affect genital morphology in two Drosophila sibling species and their hybrids

Shape variables Genital size
  D. koepferae D. buzzatii F1 Hybrids
PC1 -0.08 -0.17* 0.61*
PC2 -0.07 0.45* -0.21
PC3 -0.03 0.24* 0.1
PC4 0.02 0.16* 0.14
PC5 0.03 0.01 -0.02
Total allometric shape variance (%) 0.0 16.6 30.7
  1. Allometric shape variance was calculated as the sum of partial allometric variance of each PC significantly correlated with size. * p < 0.05.