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Figure 3

From: The repertoire of G protein-coupled receptors in the sea squirt Ciona intestinalis

Figure 3

Phylogenetic relationship between non-(LDLRR-GPCR/LGR) Rhodopsin receptors in Ciona and other genomes. All members of the Ciona Rhodopsin subfamilies except for the LDRR-GPCRs/LGRs were included with closely related sequences from other genomes to construct the phylogenetic tree. To ascertain the phylogenetic position of Ciona LGR-like/LDLRR-GPCR cluster, 10 of those sequence members were added for tree reconstruction and later the branches removed from the final representation to be replaced by an arrow. The divergent "Other/Unclassified Rhodopsins" known to lack reliable homologs from other species, or which are fast evolving were excluded from the final representation. For display reasons boot strap values have not been shown. Instead, the corresponding tree file in standard Newick format is attached [Additional data file 6]. Ciona GPCRs that deviate from the predicted 7TM structure are marked using a '#' symbol.

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