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Figure 1

From: Gene flow and the genealogical history of Heliconius heurippa

Figure 1

mtDNA Phylogenetic tree. Phylogenetic relationships of H. heurippa (H) with other populations of H. melpomene and H. cydno based on CoI and CoII sequences. C and M identify H. m. melpomene and H. c. cordula individuals of the putative parental species. Sequence ID's beginning with AF and AY indicate GenBank accession numbers. Branch lengths and probability values (under branches) were estimated using Bayesian analysis and bootstrap support (over branches) derived from a Maximum Parsimony analysis. Countries of origin are identified using the following abbreviations: P = Panama and C = Colombia; Abbreviations of species names are m. = melpomene, c. = cydno.

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