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Figure 5

From: Unexpected diversity of cnidarian integrins: expression during coral gastrulation

Figure 5

Maximum likelihood phylogenetic analysis of representative α and β integrin proteins. Numbers at branch points indicate the percentage of 1000 bootstrap replicates supporting the topology shown (using MolPhy version 2.3; see [14]). (A) α integrins. Whereas integrins from Bilateria group in a ligand specific manner, consistent with previous phylogenies, the cnidarian sequences form an independent clade, reflecting their early divergence. These groupings suggest that functional divergence of α integrins had already occurred in the Urbilateria. Sequences aligned, abbreviations, and accession numbers are: Lytechinus SU2 (LvSU2; AAC23572); Strongylocentrotus αP (SpαP; AAD55724); Drosophila αPS2 (DmPS2; P12080); Human α5 (HsItgα5; P08648); Human αV (HsItgαV; P06756); Human α8 (HsItgα8; P53708); Human αIIb (HsItgαllb; P08514); Human α6 (HsItgα6; P23229); Human α7 (HsItgα7; Q13683); Human α3 (HsItgα3; P26006); Drosophila αPS3 (DmPS3; O44386); Acropora AmItgα1 (AmItgα1; EU239371); Human α4 (HsItgα4; P13612); Human α9 (HsItgα9; Q13797); Nematostella NvItgα1 (NvItgα1; XP_001641435); Caenorhabditis αPat2 (CePat2; P34446); Drosophila αPS1 (DmPS1; Q24247); Podocoryne IntA (PcIntA; AAG25993); Caenorhabditis αIna1 (CeIna1; Q03600); Geodia α (GcItgα; CAA65943). (B) β integrins. Major clades resolved here are consistent with previous phylogenies. The position of sequences within the cnidarian clade is consistent with orthology between Podocoryne IntB (PcIntB) and AmItgβ2, and groups two Nematostella βs with each Acropora β. Unlike the α integrins, the β integrins appear to have diverged independently in several bilaterian lineages. Sequences aligned, abbreviations, and accession numbers are: Human β3 (HsItgβ3; P05106); Human β5 (HsItgβ5; P18084); Human β6 (HsItgβ6; P18564); Human β2 (HsItgβ2; P05107); Human β7 (HsItgβ7; P26010); Human β1 (HsItgβ1; P05556); Strongylocentrotus βG (Urchin SpItgβG; AAB39739); Strongylocentrotus βL (SpItgβL; AAC28382); Strongylocentrotus βC (SpItgβC; AAB39740); Drosophila βPS (DmβPS P11584); Caenorhabditis βPat3 (CePat3; Q27874); Acropora AmItgβ2 (AmItgβ2; EU239372); Nematostella β1 (NvItgβ1; XP_001641468); Nematostella β2 (NvItgβ2; XP_001627336); Podocoryne IntB (PcIntB; AAG25994); Acropora AmItgβ1(AmItgβ1; AAB66910); Nematostella β3 (NvItgβ3; XP_001637894); Nematostella β4 (NvItgβ4; XP_001621822); Ophlitaspongia βPo1 (Sponge OtItgβ1; AAB66911); Suberites β (Sponge SdItgβ; CAB38100); Geodia β (Sponge GcItgβ; CAA77071); Human β4 (HsItgβ4; P16144); Drosophila β-nu (Dmβ-nu; Q27591); Human β8 (HsItgβ8; P26012).

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