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Table 1 Sequences encompassing the EW signature and accession numbers of gnd genes identified in this study

From: Origins of a cyanobacterial 6-phosphogluconate dehydrogenase in plastid-lacking eukaryotes

Species name Taxonomy EW signature Accession number
Cyanophora paradoxa Glaucophyta IDGGNEWYENTE AB425331
Gloeochaete wittrockiana Glaucophyta IDGGNEWYKNTE AB425332
Cyanoptyche gloeocystis Glaucophyta IDGGNEWYLNTE AB425333
Euglena gracilis Euglenida VDGGNEWFPNSQ AB425328
Peranema trichophorum Euglenida IDGGNEWFPNTL AB425329
Diplonema papillatum Diplonemea IDGGNSHFPDSI AB425330
  1. EW signature residues conserved among cyanobacterial gnd genes [15] are indicated in bold.