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Figure 1

From: Evidence against the energetic cost hypothesis for the short introns in highly expressed genes

Figure 1

Comparison of large-tissue/organ-specific genes and small-tissue/organ-specific genes with similar expression levels. The logarithm (base 10) values are shown. The Y axis represents small-tissue/organ-specific genes, while the X axis shows their large-tissue/organ-specific counterparts. The numbers of dots above (marked at the top left corner) and below (marked at the bottom right corner) the diagonal line illustrate the comparison between large-tissue/organ-specific genes and small-tissue/organ-specific genes. We performed Wilcoxon signed ranks tests to determine the significance of the differences. The number of gene pairs and the significance levels are: (A) 82, P = 0.59; (B) 116, P = 0.39; (C) 82, P = 0.57; (D) 116, P = 0.81; (E) 82, P = 0.90; (F) 116, P = 0.57; (G) 82, P = 0.86; (H) 116, P = 0.50; (I) 67, P = 0.89; (J) 63, P = 0.83.

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