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Figure 2

From: Integration, heterochrony, and adaptation in pedal digits of syndactylous marsupials

Figure 2

Syndactylous feet. Explanation of terminology and images of the right pedal skeleton of four syndactylous marsupials, showing tarsal bones and separated digits of a koala (a), a lowland ringtail possum Pseudochirulus canescens (b), a brush-tailed rock wallaby (c), and a long-nosed bandicoot Perameles nasuta (d). Note that a-c are diprotodontian marsupials, while d is a peramelemorph. Int. phal, intermediate phalanx; Metat., metatarsal; Prox. Phal, proximal phalanx. Roman numerals refer do digit numbers. Scale bar = 1 cm.

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