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Figure 4

From: Extreme primary and secondary protein structure variability in the chimeric male-transmitted cytochrome coxidase subunit II protein in freshwater mussels: Evidence for an elevated amino acid substitution rate in the face of domain-specific purifying selection

Figure 4

Sliding window plot of amino acid substitutions per site. Sliding window plot of ML-estimated amino acid substitutions per site in the unionoidean bivalve F and MCOX2-COX1 gene junction regions (representing a total of 42 junction regions encoded by 21 F and 21 M genomes and based on a window width of 20 amino acids using five amino acid increments). Regarding the MCOX2 extension region, only the unambiguously alignable (without indels) 143 amino acid positions were utilized in the evaluation of substitution rates. The bracket denotes the C-terminus tail region of MCOX2e.

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