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Figure 1

From: Adaptive evolution of SCML1in primates, a gene involved in male reproduction

Figure 1

Protein sequence alignment of SCML1 in human and nonhuman primates. The SAM domains are indicated. The SAM domain is 64 amino acids in length. Sterile alpha motif (SAM) domains are known to exhibit diverse protein-protein interaction modes[57] (Hum: human – Homo sapiens, Chi: Pan troglodytes, Gor: Gorilla gorilla, Ora: Pongo pygmaeus, HLG: white-browed gibbon – Bunopithecus hoolock, WCG: white-cheeked gibbon – Nomascus leucogenys, Mac: rhesus monkeys – Macaca mulatta, and SCM: Yunnan snub-nosed monkey – Rhinopithecus bieti, Mar: common marmoset – Callithrix jacchus.) The sites under positive selection are highlighted including 23N, 95S, 153L, 201T, 270L (P > 95%, labeled with *) and 92H, 242G (P > 99%, labeled with ). The sequence IDs are Hum: EU370780, Chi: EU370781, Gor: EU370782, Ora: EU370783, WCG: EU370784, HLG: EU370785, Mac: EU370786 and SCM: EU370787. The marmoset's ortholog of SCML1 was obtained through blast search [34].

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