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Table 2 Diplomonad and enteromonad isolates used in our study for sequencing.

From: Molecular phylogeny of diplomonads and enteromonads based on SSU rRNA, alpha-tubulin and HSP90 genes: Implications for the evolutionary history of the double karyomastigont of diplomonads

Isolate Strain Source Medium t (°C) Other Eukaryotes
Enteromonas sp. GECA2 Geochelone carbonaria Dobell and Leidlaw 27 none
Enteromonas sp. CUORA1 Cuora amboinensis Dobell and Leidlaw 27 none
Enteromonas hominis ENTEROII Homo sapiens Dobell and Leidlaw 37 none
Enteromonad PSEUD Trachemis scripta elegans Dobell and Leidlaw 27 Retortamonas sp.
Enteromonad PYX Pyxidea mouhoti Dobell and Leidlaw 27 Parabasalids
Trimitus sp. KOMPKOJ Compost, Kojčice, Czech Republic TYSGM 21 none
Trimitus sp. IT1 Pond in Italy TYSGM 21 none
Trimitus sp. DOGA1 Doagania sp. Dobell and Leidlaw 27 none
Spironucleus vortens ATCC#50386 ATCC TYI 27 none
Spironucleus sp. GEPA2H Geochelone pardalis Dobell and Leidlaw n/a n/a
Trepomonas steini LUH3 Flood, Vltava river, South Bohemia, Czech Republic Cerophyll room temp. Sawyeria sp.
Trepomonas sp. PPS6 Point Pleasant Park pond, Halifax, NS, Canada Cerophyll 21 none
Uncultured eukaryote CHESI2 Chelodina sp. n/a n/a n/a
  1. 1The SSU rDNA sequence of isolate PYX was identical with isolate PSEUD. Isolate PYX was therefore not included in the phylogenetic analyses.