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Table 2 Corrected ratio of nonsynonymous to synonymous substitution in several FMDV populations

From: Topology of evolving, mutagenized viral populations: quasispecies expansion, compression, and operation of negative selection

Viral populationa dn/ds (Molecular clones)b dn/ds (Consensus sequences)c
RAp35 0.16 N.D
RAp45 0.08 0.09 (MALRS)
RAp60 0.07 0.08 (MARLS)
RA0p35 0.12 N.D.
C-S8p260p3d N.D. 0.63 (C-S8c1)
MARLS 1.21d 0.65 (C-S8c1)
  1. N.D. not determined.
  2. aThe viral populations analyzed are those described in Figure 1 and Methods.
  3. bdn/ds is the ratio of nonsynonymous mutations (corrected per nonsynonymous site) to synonymous mutation (corrected per synonymous site), calculated as described in Methods [85, 86]. Values correspond to calculations using nucleotide sequences from molecular clones (as described in Table 1).
  4. cdn/ds calculated as in b, applied to consensus nucleotide sequences, compared with the corresponding parental clone (given in parenthesis).
  5. dThis value was calculated with biological clones derived from MARLS, using the L (leader) protease-and capsid-coding regions.