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Figure 1

From: A phylogenomic profile of hemerythrins, the nonheme diiron binding respiratory proteins

Figure 1

The location of introns in the aligned Hr sequences from the cnidarian N. vectensis (jgi|Nemve1| 220584|fgenesh1_pg.scaffold_543000007; 136aa), the sipunculan S. nudus (Hr, CAG14943.1|GI:57282922; 119aa) and (MHr, CAG14944.1|GI:57282924; 119aa), the deep sea, hydrothermal vent vestimentiferan R. pachyptila (AM886446), and the leech H. robusta (jgi|Helro1|81783, 81862, 174822, 100875). Eight of the 13 H. robusta sequences have atypical N-terminals, which appear to be signal peptide sequences. Note that the four H. robusta sequences shown represent all the observed combinations: no signal peptide and 2 introns (81783), a signal peptide and 2 introns (81862), a signal peptide and 3 introns (174822), and no signal peptide and 3 introns (100875). The seven residues involved in coordination with the two Fe are starred.

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