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Figure 3 | BMC Evolutionary Biology

Figure 3

From: Gene conversion and purifying selection of a placenta-specific ERV-V envelope gene during simian evolution

Figure 3

Gene conversion between the ENVV1 and ENVV2 loci. Detection of gene conversion between the ENVV1 and ENVV2 loci. A) Theoretical phylogenetic tree of normal species-like of evolution of ENVV1 and ENVV2. B) Alignment of sequences from species containing conserved ENVV1 and ENVV2, including variable sites only. A green box shows unexpected evolution and red box shows the expected evolution (following the phylogeny in (A)). The gene conversion break zone between the boxes is the region where 3' gene conversion breaks are predicted. C) Neighbor-joining phylogenetic tree (Maximum Composite Likelihood; 1000 Bootstrap) of the 45–1132 region (green) and the 1312-end region (red).

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