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Figure 3

From: Genetic conflict outweighs heterogametic incompatibility in the mouse hybrid zone?

Figure 3

Likelihood (support) profiles for monotonic change in allele frequencies. The profiles show likelihood of monotonic change of individual markers from M. m. musculus to M. m. domesticus, moving through the field area following a compass bearing in a 90° range including due west (W) and northwest (NW). Yellow: Gpd1; pink: Abpa; red: Btk (X chromosome); brown: Mpi; orange: Idh1; purple: Es1; dark blue:Sod1; green: Np; blue: Y chromosome; bold black: consensus support over all loci. For clarity of presentation the profiles are smoothed over a window of 3°. Since the smoothing removes precise details around the maxima these may not correspond precisely to Table 1 which is based on the original (unsmoothed) profiles.

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