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Figure 1

From: Group I introns and associated homing endonuclease genes reveals a clinal structure for Porphyra spiralis var. amplifolia (Bangiales, Rhodophyta) along the Eastern coast of South America

Figure 1

Map of South America highlighting Porphyra spiralis var. amplifolia ( PSA ) collection sites. 1- PSA-A; 2- PSA-L; 3- PSA-R*; 4- PSA-I; 5- PSA-S; 6- PSA-T; 7- PSA-G; 8- PSA-C; 9- PSA-D*; 10- PSA-B*; 11- PSA-V. Additional information on collections sites are presented on Table 1. * Data obtained from Oliveira and Ragan [2].

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