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Figure 2

From: Genetic diversity in two sibling species of the Anopheles punctulatus group of mosquitoes on Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands

Figure 2

Maximum Parsimony (MP) consensus tree for 684 bp COII haplotypes in mitochondrial DNA using the GTR+I+G model. The trees were rooted with D. melanogaster and Bi. hollandi. Bootstrap values of > 90% are shown above the branch in italics and posterior probability values of > 0.75 are shown below the branch. S and I indicate haplotypes of An. farauti s.s. of the Solomon Islands and An. irenicus, respectively. Collection sites are represented after haplotypes where sampled from multiple sites. G, Guadalcanal; M, Malaita; SI, Solomon Islands; PNG, Papua New Guinea; Van, Vanuatu Islands. Sample codes and GenBank accession number for each specimen are given in [additional file 1].

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