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Figure 2

From: Mining metadata from unidentified ITS sequences in GenBank: A case study in Inocybe (Basidiomycota)

Figure 2

Phylograms depicting three species complexes of Inocybe. The figures are derived from one of the most parsimonious trees for the respective alignment group (Additional file 1). These are based on ITS and partial LSU with jackknife support reported above the branches. When only accession numbers are given, the corresponding sequence represents an unidentified GenBank sequence; when both an accession number and a species name are given, the entry corresponds to an fully identified GenBank sequence; and when a voucher is given in parenthesis, the sequence corresponds to a sequence added in this study (Additional file 2). a) The I. soluta/I. boltonii complex, b) The I. geophylla, I. posterula, and I. whitei complex (in this study collectively referred to as I. geophylla s. l.), and c) the I. flavella/I. squamata complex.

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